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This is the stage for the leading voices from the MICE industry. We’re bringing together founders, CEOs and senior executives in the leadership teams to create engaging content and share thought-provoking ideas to drive growth in Asia’s MICE market.

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day 1 agenda - 16 october 2019

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

What are the meetings industry's biggest challenges?

Meeting and event planners today often find themselves faced with far more challenges than simply delivering successful experience. To succeed, they need to be informed, nimble, and tough.


Cecilia Tee, Managing Director, HelmsBriscoe

11:00 AM - 11:20 PM

Engaging successfully in a V.U.C.A world

In an increasingly challenging world, engaging an over-stimulated and over-informed audience might prove a complicated task. But it can also be a chance if you can adapt your message to its needs and environment and use the right strategy to create a powerful experience. This is the key for a successful corporate communication.

Laurent Fuchs, CEO, UNICEO United Networks of International Corporate Events Organizers

11:20 AM - 12:00 PM

The keys to Engagement, or how to motivate your event participants

Whatever your activity is, you must know about how to engage people. UNICEO® (United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers) Members will give their keys to engagement fruit of their experience and enlightened by some stories of successful engaging events they have organized. The objective of this session will be to better understand participants behaviours and the conditions that you need to create to engage people around your message.


  • Debora Piovesan, Head of Events, UNICEO United Networks of International Corporate Events Organizers


  • Georgia McDermitt, Director Marketing & Communications, Capgemini

  • Anastasia Belyanina, Manager, Global Events, Veeam Software

  • Patrick Buhl, Head of the Event/Marketing and Hospitality Team, Oped Gmbh

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Creating legacy through challenge-based conferences

For the past few years, the question that is always being asked about conferences is “can conferences really leave a legacy?”. I would argue that they definitely can but that legacy has to be built into conferences right from the start. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how we at ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, changed the focus of our conferences by working with the host cities to ensure that we addressed local challenges that were also of global importance. By doing so, we were able to better engage our delegates and generate ideas around how innovation can play a role in helping to solve these challenges.

Iain Bitran, Executive Director, ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Bidding - from the Core PCO´s point of view

Uncovers the mystery behind the complicated bid process.


Understanding the bidding process is essential for not only winning a conference for your country, but for carrying through the operation of that business in a seamless manner. raise the profile of a national industry but can also make a long-term impact in raising actual standards in that industry, help build and maintain relationships with customers and ultimately provide an economic boost to the sector.

Stephane Talboom, Director of Sales and Operations, K.I.T. Group GmbH

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

How to make MICE clients come back for another event at your hotel?

This is a question most MICE hotels ask themselves time and again, what we can do to bring back customers. There is enough available research that shows repeat business is not only more profitable, there is a clear benefit of building loyalty.


As a hotel professional outlines the basic mantra to make customers come back year after year to your hotel, this session will provide a customer & hotel perspective, to what it takes to be the preferred choice and bring back customers.

Pariva Rustagi, Director of Groups, Meetings & Events - Asia Pacific, Hilton

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Successful live communication events – exclusive insights from European MICE professionals

The success of live communication events results from the creation of an individual experience touching all senses. Using digital technologies such as mobile event apps, beacons, virtual reality, and augmented reality during live communication events will enable individual digital interaction for all event participants.


Temporal as well as spatial boundaries of live communication events can be overcome by spreading individual statements and photos via social media, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


This study points out key success factors for applying digital tools in the European MICE industry aiming for modernization and targeting a young audience.


  • Professor Dr. Cornelia Zanger, Chair of Marketing, University of Chemnitz, and Deputy CEO, Germany German R.I.F.E.L. Institute

  • David Ruetz, Head, ITB Berlin (Introduction)

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The importance of community in delivering impact

Impact and legacy are trending keywords in the meetings industry today. Fundamental to the success of these impacts are the convergence of various communities in delivering outcomes that have a lasting effect. 
Nigel will be sharing some innovative examples of this year’s Incredible Impacts entries who have shown how collaboration can create lasting effects. The Incredible Impacts Programme celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings to create a powerful platform to advocate their positive societal impact and is a partnership between ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance.
Following on we will hear from Shirlena Soh who has recently established the Association of Biomedical Laboratory Professionals, Singapore. What drove her to get started, what is her mission and what role does her community play in delivering that mission?   
Shane Ryan will focus on the regional outreach the World Small Animal Veterinary Association do both as an association & associated with their congress.


  • Nigel Brown, Director, Marketing & Partnerships, BestCities Global Alliance 

  • Shirlena Soh, President, Association of Biomedical Laboratory Professionals, Singapore (ABMLPS) 

  • Shane Ryan, President, World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

What's trending in 2020 

Covering three key trends we are seeing in 2020:

  1. Strategic Communications (The Power Of You - Curated and Customized)

  2. Compliance (Growing Demand For Ethics, Transparency and Client-Centricity) and 

  3. Streamlined Technology (Collecting The Right Data)

Fernando Lonergan, Senior Director, Meetings Management Solutions, Asia Pacific, BCD Meetings & Events

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

The Power of M - Meaningful Meetings Highlighting Sustainability Solutions

The 21st century will deliver some of the planets toughest sustainability challenges whilst providing an opportunity for companies to illustrate game-changing solutions & commitments to the cause. Events are vehicles for Brand Value & Purpose, how can you integrate innovative solutions in your events? In this uniquely Experiential Seminar with product tastings, learn how Marina Bay Sands and the meeting industry can deliver solutions and services that align with your commitments to Climate Change/Carbon, Waste, Deforestation.


Don’t miss this Experiential Session featuring innovative Food Technology: Impossible™ Canapes, Surplus Fresh Bread Beer, Singaporean Microherbs & Award Winning New Latitude wine!


  • Ailynn Seah, MBA CMP, VP of Sales – MIC & Assoc, Marina Bay Sands

  • Roger Simon, Associate Director - Sustainability, Marina Bay Sands

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Panel: Why travel management companies need to embrace the meeting industry

  • Why are TMCs now getting involved in the Meeting channel and what are the challenges facing TMCs? 

  • How can they enter the Meeting market or increase their exposure? 

  • What are the emerging technologies that are assisting in this area? 

  • How can DMC’s capture more of the TMC business?

  • Why are global consortia key to development of this area? 


  • Ian Quartermaine, Director, Advantage Meetings & Events


  • John Hobbs Hurrell, International Partnership Manager, Worldwide Independent Travel Network (WIN)

  • Tim Hentschel, Founder,

  • Angelina Fairgrieve, General Manager, The Travel Company Edinburgh

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

The curious case of eliminating papers in events


  • Controversies from using and wasting papers such as reg forms, flyers, brochures, cards, etc. in events

  • Can we really go paperless or just with less papers?

  • A green and sustainable event is not an option, it's a must. How technologies can be used events effectively? A look into AI, machine learning, wearable devices, and chatbots



  • Yusno Yunos, CEO & Founder, Evenesis

  • Mohd Sharkawi Mohd Salehuddin, AVP, Events & Conferences, Astro Awani Network Sdn Bhd